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-Paul Rand
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Other than my superfly Big Wheel tricks.

Web Dev

ASP.Net MVC, PHP, Wordpress, JS frameworks of differing flavor, Umbraco, and anything that Stackoverflow has a post about as the needs arise. I believe that development is a never ending lesson in that which one does not know, but must learn. Intellectual curiosity it what makes a good developer.


Clean intuitive user interfaces with an emphasis on thoughtful streamlined user experiences. I use the latest in prototyping tools, primarily Adobe XD in conjunction with the entire Creative Cloud suite.

Responsive Design

Applying industry standards in a quest for seamless transitions between desktop, mobile, and large format displays. Maintaining fluid brand equity for users across all devices.


Less is more. Unless more is required. Then more is perfect. Keeping in mind that negative space is a design element taking up space. I've been working in all of Adobe's products since the mid 90's.


More examples available upon request.




About Me

Let's time travel together... Please mind the grandfather paradox.

  • Astute | 2016 - Present

    Web Developer / Graphic Designer

    In my current position I build, maintain, and expand web assets including the CMS platform that is built on. In addition, I design, build, implement and maintain branding and collateral, both print and web, across the company. I recently designed the entire rebranding of the company, prototyped and built the update to the website, and implemented the new brand guide across the company.

  • Stackerdecks | 2012 - 2016

    Co-Founder / CTO

    Designed and built, a complex, responsive piece of tech, from original concept, design artwork and wireframes, to the launch of multiple products across web and mobile. Stackerdecks is a social media platform and cutting-edge slideshow technology. Stackerdecks allows users to collect any social media post, blog post, product page, memes, animated GIF and more into a slideshow, using a simple bookmarklet, or Chrome/Safari extension.

  • | 2010 - 2013

    CTO, Graphic Designer, Web Developer

    Architected and implemented all the graphic and web design, including HTML, PHP, CSS, vanilla Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, LAMP stack management for the first version of the website.

  • Freelance | 1996 - 2010

    Graphic Designer

    Creating print/web graphics and web sites for international and local clientele.

  • Teenage Punk - 1996

    Worker Bee

    Picking'em up and puttin'em down, to the delight of managers and supervisors all around the greater Miami area. All while cutting my teeth on the computers and software of the time.

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Even if you just want me to color you a pretty picture while we have a beer.

References and CV available upon request.